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Publisert: Monday, 8. January 2018, 1:18

Minimum salary (after our 2-month training to get great health and learn about our business): 18 USD/hour (with minimum 20 hours per week work and 6-month minimum contract). You will need to attend 2-month training in person (all expenses are paid), and can work from home later (or relocate).

At the current moment, we accept applications only from Prime Candidates and Nearly Prime Candidates (only one requirement is slightly off the mark).

Requirements for Prime Candidates:

1. Great results for your secondary (high school, or college, or equivalent) education with over 90% for grades (e.g., As only, or over 3.7 GPA, or Honors, etc.)
2. Native (or equivalent) English with excellent writing and editing skills
3. Personal maturity: indifference to alcohol abuse, smoking, street drugs, sex outside lifelong commitment, porn, and gambling in relation to your lifestyle
4. Physical exercise at the (initial) level of 1 hour per day since physical activity, according to our philosophy, is the key long-term factor of good physical and mental health
5. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with deadlines to complete specific assignments/projects and follow simple instructions while paying attention to all details of any job or project (including your grammar and what/how you write to us)
6. Learning the methods that we teach to achieve over 60 s for the CP (body oxygen) DIY test. That is also the main health goal of our 2-month training: to achieve ideal physical health and learn breathing retraining practically.

Great health after your 2-month training is guaranteed (even if you currently suffer from chronic health problems, have symptoms and/or take medication).

For details of our current projects (what exactly we work on) and info about trainings, please visit and NormalBreathing Writer-Assistant Job.

• Sted: Bergen, Online or relocate later, Oslo

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