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Cheating abroad

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There comes a time in most people's lives when they have to admit they've seen the movie Road Trip. For me, that time is now. Because you mightn't think of this tale of American college kids trying to recover a misplaced sex tape as being one of much philosophical importance, but it did introduce the world to a concept that matches neatly with today's blog topic: This law, suggested by the intellectual dynamo Sean William Scott, essentially states that if you're in a different area Cheating abroad to your girlfriend or boyfriend and you cheat on them, it doesn't count.

He goes on to say that if you were too wasted to remember then it also doesn't count, but Cheating abroad ignore that for now.

This rule might sound unrealistic in its plausibility, but you'd be surprised how many travellers seem to follow it. Leaving Cheating abroad home has always meant trying new things, acting in a way you might not around your friends and family, taking risks and having adventures — and Cheating abroad attitude can sometimes result in people not exactly being the model boyfriend or girlfriend to their loving partner.

I remember talking about this with some friends a few years ago, and one of the women in our group said she'd never, ever let a guy she was Cheating abroad go overseas by himself. He'd definitely do it.

That's obviously a bit extreme, but it probably has some small basis in truth. However, while it was comforting for my friend to think of this tendency to stray as a purely male domain, in my experience it's anything but. I used to work on bus tours of Europe — you know, the kind with lots of Cheating abroad Aussies and Kiwis in their late teens and early 20s being carted around the continent's pubs and clubs sorry, tourist attractions.

Cheating abroad

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Cheating abroad At the start of each tour we'd get people up to the front of the bus to introduce themselves, Cheating abroad one of the questions they'd answer was whether they were a "red light", an "orange light", or a "green light".

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Green if Cheating abroad single, red if you're in a relationship, orange if you could be swayed in either direction. Time after time you'd see these sweet, sincere passengers get up on the microphone and announce that they were most definitely red lights — then a few days later they'd Cheating abroad emerging from someone else's tent in the morning trying to remember what they'd done with their clothes.

This was guys, and it was girls.

Usually more of the latter. The crew Cheating abroad used to say that the difference between a red light and a green light on those tours was about three beers.

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