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By all outward measures, Arpad Miklos was a highly successful gay porn star and escort. Robustly endowed, he almost always played the dominant top.

In the mids, he won awards both from the porn and the escort industry. In it, a shirtless Miklos tenderly cradles the skinny singer in his massive arms.

Adams, the longtime editor of GayPornTimes. Nick asked that I withhold his real name. He complained that his back hurt a lot.

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That world is sort of like a drug that sustains you for a while, then loses its luster. In the last year, the number of suicides or deaths of those in the gay porn industry under the age of 55 -- including the performers Roman RagazziErik RhodesJosh Weston, Arpad with escort, in March, Wilfried Knight -- has exceeded a dozen.

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One key factor is economics: Porn alone does not pay the bills. It all makes for a secretive, isolating career, without recourse to human resources, unions, or health insurance.

Arpad With Escort

Then you resort to coping tools like drugs and alcohol. Your work lives on forever and can torpedo future career moves. InRagazzi, an Israeli whose real name was Arpad with escort Barak, quit his job at the Israeli consulate after the New York Post outed him as an escort and porn star.

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Inteachers in Miami and Boston were fired after their porn pasts were revealed. Granted, many stars transition successfully to life after porn.

All three declined to talk for this story, Arpad with escort Judson emailed to say people could learn more about his Arpad with escort career by seeing his one-man show. AIM, the longtime Los Angeles health clinic for porn actors, went bankrupt in under the strain of battling a law that made condoms mandatory for films shot within city limits.

Health insurance can be hard to access, in part because many plans, even low-cost ones, require proof of income, which many sex workers lack.

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